Why Former Residents Think The Playboy Mansion Is Haunted

Bridget Marquardt isn’t the only one who has experienced something paranormal in the Playboy Mansion. Holly Madison, who stayed in the mansion from 2001 to 2008, had her own stories to tell. In an interview with Nylon, Madison recalled seeing a woman she didn’t recognize while working out in the gym. She followed the woman into a door but was surprised to see no one inside the small closet. There was also the time when Marquardt and Madison were in a room together when the TV turned on by itself and the volume increased to its maximum.

At first, Madison was skeptical about the weird occurrences, but she eventually became a believer. “For me, it took a bunch of different experiences before I thought ‘OK there’s something weird going on here,'” Madison stated. Aside from the two women, housekeeping employees at the mansion also witnessed strange things, specifically in the game house. They reportedly had an eerie feeling there and have heard doors slamming shut and arcade games turning on without anyone touching them, as reported by Yahoo. With the Playboy Mansion’s rich history, some people have no doubt that it is, indeed, haunted.

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