Andrew Garfield’s Favorite Spider-Man Isn’t Himself

During an interview with ET Canada, interviewer Morgan Hoffman revealed that Garfield is her personal favorite Spider-Man and wanted to know who Garfield’s favorite is, noting, “And you can say yourself.”

Garfield responded, revealing what Maguire’s performance meant to him. “The great thing about having played that part is you’re one in a long line and you get to be a part of this very secret, small club,” he said. “Obviously, for me Tobey Maguire was my original. [I] fell in love with that film version of that character. For me, it was the comic books and the cartoon when I was a kid, but then you have Tobey who is just this defining figure in my life.” He added that it was a “childhood dream come true” for him to get to play the part of Spider-Man.

Garfield also thinks Holland brings even more depth to the role. “But then now you have Tom, who I just think is the most remarkable actor and he’s infused the character with so much heart and soul and humor and charm and sweetness and goodness,” he explained. “It’s like a goodness that radiates from him, that is Peter Parker.” He then continued his thoughts on the topic by thanking everyone behind the most recent “Spider-Man” films, including director Jon Watts, for creating Holland’s version of Spidey. He did, however, acknowledge that at the end of the day, he “[loves] everyone” who’s ever played the role.

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