Fans Of Lupin Just Got Fantastic News

“Lupin” Season 3 is coming. In fact, they’re shooting it right now. Netflix’s Twitter account announced the news with a picture of the smiling, bearded Sy standing on what looks an awful lot like a rooftop, wearing very Lupin-like clothes. In the background, the city of Paris unfolds, blurry yet immediately recognizable by the faraway outline of the Eiffel Tower. “Guess who’s back and ready to steal the show?” the accompanying text read. “Lupin Part 3 is now in production!”

It’s been known for a while that “Lupin” Season 3 is coming. A few weeks before Season 2 dropped in June 2021, “Lupin” fans got the best news ever when Omar Sy confirmed that there will be more where it came from. However, in a world of cancellations and last-minute pivots, it’s easy for fans to not quite believe such statements until the cameras actually start rolling — which, it appears, has now happened. Now, fans of “Lupin” play the waiting game until we hear just when the third part of the story will premiere. 

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