The Untold Truth Of Bing Crosby

Eminently likable and affecting a charming, laid-back demeanor, Bing Crosby was one of the most widely liked celebrities on the planet for nearly half of the 20th century. Only after his death in 1977 did the allegedly dark and violent side of Crosby emerge.

In 1983, according to People and UPI, Gary Crosby published “Going My Own Way,” a memoir of his harrowing childhood. Nicknamed “Bucket Butt” by his father, the younger Crosby had a weight issue as a child, and he was subject to weekly weigh-ins; if the number on the scale went up, he reported to his father’s office for a beating. That abuse was also a regular occurrence. “My father would come home at 6 o’clock and by 6:05 he’d heard the news of what I’d done,” Gary said. “Then I’d get bent over and my pants taken down and beat till I bled.” Nevertheless, the Crosby kids were required to eat everything on their plates, or suffer the consequences. Gary recalled a time when brother Philip hid uneaten bacon and eggs under a rug, and when it was discovered after some time, their father made Philip eat it, “dirt, hairs, and all.” 

Gary’s siblings affirmed the memoir’s contents. “I hope it clears up a lot of the old lies,” brother Lindsay said, while Philip called Gary a “crybaby” but that he “was happy to be who I was, even if I had the hell kicked out of me.”

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