Alex Rivera’s Zorro Reboot Will Tackle A Controversial Topic

Per Deadline, Alex Rivera’s “Zorro” film, tentatively titled “Zorro 2.0,” will see some monumental alterations added to the masked hero’s canon. Perhaps the biggest update being implemented is the fact that Rivera’s new “Zorro” movie will take place in the modern world. Furthermore, it appears the film will focus on an undocumented immigrant hacker with the username “z0rr0” who battles against secret government organizations and conspiracies involving high-tech. “Zorro 2.0” will also address the border wars, much like Rivera’s previous film, 2008’s “Sleep Dealer” (via IMDb).

“I’ve always been interested in films that address real-world issues through genre,” Rivera said. “This project is an opportunity to connect Zorro — the original masked avenger — to today’s border wars, a conflict in which immigrant families are pitted against regimes of hi-tech surveillance and government control.”

Rivera also notes that his take on the Zorro character will be rooted in science fiction, suggesting an even bigger departure from the character that fans have come to know and love. Whether these same fans embrace such a radically different interpretation of the character remains to be seen. There’s currently no information about who will be in the film or when such a film could be released, but that will likely change over the coming months.

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