How The Challenge’s Syrus Yarbrough Lost 60 Pounds

“I do 20 miles a day, either by elliptical, by bike or outside by foot,” Syrus revealed. “And then I do the rest of my workout on top of that.” That could mean a gym session or playing basketball, which he does three times a week when he’s at home. 

But Syrus took his commitment to his new lifestyle to the next level after he had “a little scare” when his doctor told him that his blood pressure was high. 

“I didn’t know, I felt great and that was one of the factors to push it further,” he recalled. “I was already going down the road, but after that I was like, ‘Look, no, no way. This changes tomorrow.’ And I just put into place everything I needed to do to get that back in order. Here I am now, feeling better and healthier than ever.”

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